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Haunted Tales from the Dead of Night


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“Thomas walked towards the stationary figure. As in a dream, the sound of the sea receded, the sharp edges of reality blurred, and the world became soft and still. Yet Thomas was acutely aware of the crush of firm, cool sand under foot and the chill of each wave that washed about his feet and ankles. As he drew closer, the young man turned. It was Adam…and yet it was not. Thomas stopped, suddenly uncertain. Another wave rushed in to spread itself upon the shore and play about his feet with cold, liquid fingers. The cry of a gull traveled the wind. Gradually Thomas understood that he was looking upon the shadow of that which had been his son; the remembered likeness.
Adam raised a hand either in greeting or farewell—perhaps both. “I love you, but you must let me go. I’m not lost. Tell Mother.” Across the stretch of sand, Thomas heard his son’s voice clearly. Adam then looked towards the sea, turned, stepped towards it, and was gone like the mist at dawn.”
(from And the Sea Shall Comfort Thee)

Faithful in spirit to the traditional ghost story, these dead-of-night tales are a chilling treat. While peering into the dark, eerie heart of the spirit world and hauntings, they ask, “Who’s there, and why?”, with unexpected replies. Ranging from the mystifying to the whimsical, the alarming to the poignant, these haunting tales are a must read for all ghost story fans and fans of the paranormal.

Included in this book: Coming Home, third place winner of the 2010 Scare the Dickens Out of Us contest; And the Sea Shall Comfort Thee, first featured in Dreams & Visions, a publication of Skysong Press.


What others have said about P. A. Peirson’s stories:

You have an incredibly beautiful voice and it really should be out there for all to see.
Marilyn G.

I sincerely hope you don't miss dancing any more. Because you've found another, magical kind of dance to do - with story and words.
Kate W.

How wonderful that you were gifted with a great imagination.
Sam L.

Great work, it was a joy to read.

A beautiful story full of wild imaginings and perfectly written.
Diane M.